K-Factor [BR]

These type QL transformers have passed the UL K-factor testing program. K-factor is a unit measuring a transformer’s ability to withstand the harmonics content of a system. GE offers K=4, K=13, K=20 and K=30 transformers.


  • K=4
    - Welders
    - Induction heating
    - HID lighting
    - Fluorescent lighting
  • K=13
    - Telecommunications equipment
    - Classroom facilities
    - Healthcare facilities
    - Production lines
    - SCR variable speed drives
  • K=20
    - Office buildings
    - Data processing equipment
    - Adjustable speed drives
    - Computer installations
    - Instrumentation
  • K=30
    - Computer installations
    - Office buildings
    - Data processing equipment
    - Adjustable speed drives
    - Instrumentation


Features and Benefits

  • K-Factor rated for nonlinear loads
  • UL listed
  • Complies with NEMA TP-1-2002
  • Full-width copper electrostatic shield standard
  • 200% neutral standard
  • Effective coupling capacitance 30pF
  • Common mode noise attenuation 120dB
  • Normal mode noise attenuation 30dB
  • Available in 150C, 115C, 80C and low-noise models
  • NEMA 2 powder-coat drip-proof enclosure is standard. Weathershield kit is available for conversion to NEMA 3R outdoor
  • NEMA 3R stainless steel enclosure is available up to 150kVA . To specify a stainless steel enclosure, substitute an "S" in the fourth character in the GE catalog number. Example 9T83B3874 changes to 9T83S3874