General Purpose [BR]

GE has been building transformers for almost 100 years and we continue to innovate and improve the reliable QL design.


GE Type QL transformers meet NEMA TP-1 efficiency standards. They are available in aluminum and copper and in all three temperature rise ratings. QL Transformers utilize a UL recognized 220°C insulation system and are UL Listed.


  • General purpose lighting and electrical
  • Motors
  • Resistance heating
  • Motor generators (without solid state drives)

Features and Benefits

  • Unique core and coil design / Quiet performance
  • Core and coil assemblies are mounted on rubber isolation pads to reduce noise
  • Bolted coil terminations
  • Single-piece front/back is easily removable for service
  • NEMA 2 powder-coat drip-proof enclosure is standard. Weathershield kit is available for conversion to NEMA 3R outdoor.
  • NEMA 3R stainless steel enclosure is available up to 150kVA. To specify a stainless steel enclosure, substitute an "S" in the fourth character in the GE catalog number. Example 9T83B3874 changes to 9T83S3874
  • UL listed
  • Qualified to the seismic requirements of IEEE-693-1997 and IBC-2003
  • Copper or aluminum windings
  • Copper ground strap
  • Robust packaging with top and side protection protects against shipping damage
  • Accessible mounting flanges with front/back slotted mounting holes make installation easier
  • 100% factory tested for shorts and coil integrity, current and loss, voltage, impedance and noise.
  • Clear, comprehensive documentation and labeling