AF-600 FP* Enclosed Drive Panel [BR]

The AF-600 FP Panel incorporates contactors, switches, pilot lights and drive bypass functionality. There are two versions: a space saving slimline panel design (as shown) and a traditional style panel.


Specifically designed for fan and pump applications, the AF-600 FP drive has been optimized to make it run your applications right out of the box.

  • Fans:  HVAC, cooling towers, VAV, supply and return, exhaust, fume hood, make-up air, induced and forced draft, furnace temperature control.
  • Pumps: chilled water, pressure boosting, cooling tower, wastewater, chiller, irrigation, hydro-storage.


Dedicated features include sophisticated controls that lower your overall costs. That includes an Energy Savings Optimizer that can boost energy savings by 5-15% at partial loads. Energy monitoring and analysis reports provide payback analysis for your drives. Available in Redundant Drive bypass configuration for critical applications where variable speed operation is always needed.

Features and Benefits

  • A full range of enclosed drives:
    - 208VAC,460VAC and 575VAC offerings
    - Up to 300hp in standard offering
    - Up to 500hp available as factory quote
    - Up to 650hp in Disconnect Drive offering
    - Up to 1000hp MultiPulse panels (e.g.,12,18 or 24 pulse) available as factory quote


  • Enclosures available
    - Slimline NEMA Type 1 up to 60HP makes it easier to install in reduced space. Standard on lower HP units.
    - Traditional NEMA Type 1. Standard on higher HP units; optional on some lower HP.
    - Traditional NEMA Type 12
    - Traditional NEMA 3R

  • Five configurations available
    - Non-bypass Disconnect Drive with compact size
    - Non-bypass with full feature set
    - Drive +2 contactor bypass with full feature set
    - Drive +3 contactor bypass with full feature set
    - Drive with Redundant Drive bypass to maximize run time performance


  • Communication protocols
    - Modbus RTU, N2, P1 are built in
    - Bacnet, DeviceNet, Ethernet IP, Lonworks, Modbus TCP, ProfiBus DP, ProfiNet RT options


  • UL and cUL approved