Providing Critical Power Distribution to the Datacenter
The GE Series RDU Remote Distribution Unit provides a flexible design to provide an extension of power distribution circuits to critical loads. Each unit internally uses GE Panelboards and Circuit Breakers.


The RDU can also provide needed branch circuit monitoring to assist users in determining load balancing over the three phases, using alarm set points to insure the load on all circuits does not increase to a point that could trip the RDU's main circuit breaker.



Models and Features

RDU-CL , Classic Design
• 2ft x 2ft footprint ; Top or Bottom Cable Entry
• Panelboards mountable on front & back
• 1, 2 or 4 Mains ; 225 or 400Amp rated


RDU-MC , Mission Critical Design
• 2ft x 2ft footprint ; Top or Bottom Cable Entry
• Two Sources, make-before-break
• Key Interlocks ; Solenoid Release ; Synch Check Relay
• MLO Panelboards


RDU-SC , Server Cabinet Design
• Server Cabinet manufacturer of client choice
• In-Line Dual 42-ckt Panelboards
• Acrylic Glass Door Panels
• 24" or 42" dp


RDU-WM , Wall Mount Design
• 1 or 2 Panelboards
• 9.5" deep x 26" wide
• 225 or 400Amp Mains

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